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When it comes to International Relocation AL MAS stands at the top of the Row when you list the best. AL MAS value our customer’s personal touch towards the valuables owned by them hence AL MAS have a specialized team of experts who can help you to relocation from Abu Dhabi, UAE to GCC, UAE to Europe, UAE to the Asia Pacific, Abu Dhabi to India, etc.

Our special concentration on the sectors like Dubai to Oman, Dubai to Qatar has given us the opportunity to have their own branches in those places. Adding to these locations just to satisfy the customer needs AL MAS also worked on UAE to GCC, which leads to expanding the service level to Dubai to Bahrain, Dubai to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Dubai to Kuwait.
Coming to the Asian region our strong presence of customer base helps us to grow in Dubai to India as our major play area is the same. Provided Dubai to Bangladesh and Dubai to Pakistan have been extended recently as our serving region in Asian Sector.
At the AL MAS stern side, AL MAS has a great service to the USA, Canada, and the UK and the rest of Europe and African Countries. Our dedicated and committed service to these sectors has been made our presence in the market with a name world vide relocation service providers and ensures our Global presence.
Our Relocation team will provide you the complete solution for your Moving needs. AL MAS also provide Insurance for our client for the Valuables which are being relocated. Dedicated staff will guide and support you until the delivery at the home locations, which gives you hassles free move.

ORIGIN SERVICES – Abu Dhabi Relocation
Meeting with Customer:- Our professional salesperson meets the customer for a survey appointment after the inquiry and understand the real need and helps out to proceed further on the Relocation.
Survey/Estimation:- Understanding the requirement of the customer AL MAS provide the budgeted estimates as per the survey for our customer which can help them to plan and decide the matter.
Job Confirmation: – As soon as the estimation has been confirmed, the job confirmation will be obtained from our customers to make AL MAS crew will be prepared for the job.
Dismantling & Packing:- Our crew of experts in handling furniture and other goods will carefully pack in a systematic way and label each item with a pack list in such a way that it made it easy to re-assemble at the destination.
Loading and moving:- The team of staff will ensure the safe loading of all packed items and ensure the checklist signed dually by both and leaves the spot with a satisfactory smile to the new destination.
Customs Clearance:- Our Clearance support team takes care of the Customs Inspection with Consignee presence and documentation and ensure the safe clearance service.
Transportation to Local Address:- After clearing the goods from the Customs the goods are transported to the final destination address with special care AL MAS take with the help of the packing list.
Unloading and Resetting:- Our Delivery Coordinator will ensure the unloading process as per the availability of the customer and ensure against the checklist then the re-assemble of the furniture and convert the house into a happy home.
Clearing of Debris:- Please wait AL MAS work doesn’t end here as AL MAS said earlier AL MAS leave the place with the sound atmosphere for healthy living and so clear all the debris for you and promise happiness.

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